Friday, August 22, 2008

Moonlight Resonance: Comparisons between characters (Part 3); Poll #1

The younger females of the two series:
Is known as Jackie in HOG, and Ah Yuet in MR.
Jackie is a model, who is forced into marriage with someone she doesn't have feelings for and abuses her. After that she had a divorce with him and married Bosco's character. She was quite naive in the beginning of the series, but later on.. she becomes more matured.
Ah Yuet was left at the front of the bakery by her biological mother and LSK's character took her in as a daughter. So she is actually adopted. She might seem very strong and tough on the outside, but in the inside she has this mindset of not being part of the family.

In the beginning of the series, Sheung Joi Sam is struggling with financial problems. She also has a father who is having Alzheimer's disease. She is a young lawyer. At first she is not confident of herself, but after the many challenges she has overcome, she learns to become more confident and mature.
Yu So Chau's mother is Michelle's character. She actually came from a poor family, until her mother married Ha Yu. She studied in England and then came back to Hong Kong. She is very kind, soft and friendly to everyone she meets.

Chi Yan is a playful and flirtatious teenager. She cares for the family very much. But after all the conflicts and problems the family has faced, she will slowly mature. She is also quite carefree because her two older brothers (Bosco and Chris) are always there to take care of her.
This time, Ah Hing is a mute character. She has a kind, peaceful and sweet nature. She works very hard in life and is smart, but she would rather work at the bakery. But her family members encourage her to work outside because working at the bakery would be a waste of potential.

HEHE I'm done :D! Hope you find them informative and interesting :]

Other than that, I have a poll for you guys to vote in:

This is just a simple poll. I'd like to hear of your thoughts, in the form of a poll :]
The poll is located at the SIDEBAR, below the cbox. It will lead you to another site after you vote btw.
Although Kate hasn't appeared yet and if your are a Kate fan, you can always vote for Kate first, or you can wait till she appears :]. Or if you're a Tavia fan, you can vote for her!
And if you have read any spoilers about the ending, you can vote for your favourite pairing then!
The poll will end after the last episode of MR.


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