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I've got a new banner :] It's MYOLIE WU! I had the sudden urge to make a blog banner of her. But it doesn't mean I don't like Moonlight Resonance.
Also... I customized the blog! But don't worry, still working on the HTML :] I notice that the banner's url is wrong, cause i missed out the 23 behind the 'thoughtsontvb' SORRY!
Now the music doesn't automatically play, so if you want to listen MR's themesong and sub-themesong, press play!
Btw, I might be a tiny bit late on the posts because school just started after my 1-week holiday and I've got lots of folios to do! And to those who's summer holidays just ended, ALL THE BEST for the new semester!

P/S: Happy Advanced 51st Birthday to Malaysia and Happy Advanced 29th Birthday to Tavia. Hehe :P Too busy to make a birthday banner for Tavia :(

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gigi Lai: Her Ups and Downs.

I think Gigi deserves a post in my blog, since I'm a huge fan of hers AND because I find her very brave and strong, to have overcome so many different challenges that almost scarred her for life.

Family Background

[Picture: Her family of four]
Before her grandmother's death, she lived a huge mansion with all her relatives. She lived like a princess. But after that, she moved into a flat where the residents all had to share toilets because her father was not able to fight for the inheritance of the family. So his siblings took all the money, leaving him with almost nothing. It was very difficult for her parents because her father was deaf and her mother was uneducated. So she had to earn money by entering the entertainment industry, and she was only 14.

How she made her way to stardom

[Picture: Gigi playing the violin when she was young]
She joined the entertainment circle at the age of 14. How? Well, it was all thanks to HK music legend, Sam Hui.

Since her family was very poor back when she was young, her father worked in a fitness club. She would usually go to the fitness club everyday after school. One day, Sam Hui was at the same fitness club and her father and him were friends because her father was very nice with everyone there. Sam notices Gigi and complimented her. He introduced her to his company.

They were filming Happy Ghost II (Gigi's first movie) and she was just being one the classmates (a very minor role). In one scene, the director asked them to pretend to cry because the teacher is leaving the school. So the shooting started, and there was this particular person who was interrupting the scene with her loud crying. That person was Gigi. After that, a Caucasian cameraman told the crew that she had potential, and that's where her career started off.

[Picture: Ekin, Gigi & Jordan in one of the Young and Dangerous sequels]

Ever since, she has filmed all kinds of movies, from gangster movies (Young and Dangerous I,II,III & IV) to horror movies (Haunted Mansion). Then she moved on to her singing career. She has won numerous awards for her singing and has released 7 albums in both Mandarin and Cantonese. Later on, she started acting in series and she caught the audience's attention most in 2004's War and Beauty. She won the 'Best Actress' award for 2004. There were many debates about this among the netizens as whether she deserved the award.

Over the years, she has developed and maintained many good relationships with her fellow colleagues/friends. She was the matchmaker of Christine Ng and Carmen Choi's marriage.
[click picture to get clearer and bigger view]

Her love life
Since she was young, she always wanted to get married and start a family as soon as possible. Gigi would like a guy who is responsible and loving towards her. She does not care whether he is rich or poor. She only wants him to be faithful to him.

She has dated a lot of famous people such as Wong Yuk Long, Hui Jun Hung, the dentist Jung Siu Po, Choi Zi Ming, the owner of East Daily Ma Ting Keung etc. But all the relationships failed. Now she is still waiting for her Mr. Right.

Gigi and her brother

[Up: When they were young | Down: Last year before the accident]
In their younger years, Gigi enjoyed pinching his cheeks and snatching his toys. After all these years, they still share a very close bond, and are the best of friends. Gigi paid for her brother's education to study dermatology in England. Now, he is a well-known dermatologist with his own clinic. He once asked her to retire from acting and let him take care of her (he is actually very rich). But in May last year, his dream of taking care of his sister, is all shattered, as he was involved in a serious car accident.

[Picture: The taxi Lai Ying was in and his coat, soaked with blood]
Last year in May, Lai Ying (Gigi's brother) was involved in a serious car accident. He was going home in a taxi when another car suddenly cut across their path. Unfortunately the two cars crashed and Lai Ying was flung out of the taxi. His head hit the pavement and blood was flowing non-stop from his head.

[Picture: Gigi, her parents and some other people going to visit Lai Ying]
It was reported earlier that her brother might become a 'vegetable'. In June last year, Gigi took a temporary break from filming The Gem of Life to take care of her brother in the hospital. He had done Fortunately, her brother's condition improved and now he is able to eat his own food. This year, she did not film any series (except The Gem of Life) because she wanted to take care of her brother's dermatology clinic.

[Picture: Gigi sitting at her brother's desk]
She has been learning a lot about marketing, accounting, skin care knowledge etc. Recently, she mentioned that she still needs to consider whether to leave the entertainment industry. But after that, she said that she missed filming and she will be back next year.

Sources of pictures and info:
GigiLai Online
AsianFanatics Forum
Gigi's Be My Guest interview

I really cannot wait to watch Gigi's new series, The Gem of Life!
It is rumored that it will air at October 20th [from TVB: A Way of Thinking]

I need to sign off now, it's pretty late! Sorry for the late post, and I'll reply your tags tomorrow :]

Friday, August 22, 2008

Moonlight Resonance: Comparisons between characters (Part 3); Poll #1

The younger females of the two series:
Is known as Jackie in HOG, and Ah Yuet in MR.
Jackie is a model, who is forced into marriage with someone she doesn't have feelings for and abuses her. After that she had a divorce with him and married Bosco's character. She was quite naive in the beginning of the series, but later on.. she becomes more matured.
Ah Yuet was left at the front of the bakery by her biological mother and LSK's character took her in as a daughter. So she is actually adopted. She might seem very strong and tough on the outside, but in the inside she has this mindset of not being part of the family.

In the beginning of the series, Sheung Joi Sam is struggling with financial problems. She also has a father who is having Alzheimer's disease. She is a young lawyer. At first she is not confident of herself, but after the many challenges she has overcome, she learns to become more confident and mature.
Yu So Chau's mother is Michelle's character. She actually came from a poor family, until her mother married Ha Yu. She studied in England and then came back to Hong Kong. She is very kind, soft and friendly to everyone she meets.

Chi Yan is a playful and flirtatious teenager. She cares for the family very much. But after all the conflicts and problems the family has faced, she will slowly mature. She is also quite carefree because her two older brothers (Bosco and Chris) are always there to take care of her.
This time, Ah Hing is a mute character. She has a kind, peaceful and sweet nature. She works very hard in life and is smart, but she would rather work at the bakery. But her family members encourage her to work outside because working at the bakery would be a waste of potential.

HEHE I'm done :D! Hope you find them informative and interesting :]

Other than that, I have a poll for you guys to vote in:

This is just a simple poll. I'd like to hear of your thoughts, in the form of a poll :]
The poll is located at the SIDEBAR, below the cbox. It will lead you to another site after you vote btw.
Although Kate hasn't appeared yet and if your are a Kate fan, you can always vote for Kate first, or you can wait till she appears :]. Or if you're a Tavia fan, you can vote for her!
And if you have read any spoilers about the ending, you can vote for your favourite pairing then!
The poll will end after the last episode of MR.

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Moonlight Resonance: Episode 14

I thought that I would do some random episode write-ups for MR, if I feel like it xD!
I'll continue on the comparison part 3 post another day :]

Hehe if you don't mind, my screencaps aren't of high quality! And I don't post about EVERY single thing about the episode, just the important parts. But I do specify the parts.

Michelle calls Ha Yu and asks him why hasn't he come back yet. Ha Yu tells her that he was so happy he forgot to call her. Ha Yu hangs up. Michelle becomes jealous and angry!

Suddenly she saw Chris sitting beside the pool alone. She went over to cheer him up because he and his girlfriend, Carmen (HAHA Carmen!) broke up with him.

The whole family went back to celebrate and Ha Yu was drunk so let him sleep in their house first.

Fala receives a sms and goes to the hall to read it. She then starts crying and then the whole family went over to see what was wrong. She mentioned that she typed something wrong that day at work and her boss sent her a sms to scold her. LSK went over to comfort her. Fala said that she was in a bad mood and she wanted LSK to cheer her up like 'last time'. LSK gave her the 'Are you serious?!' look.

Ha Yu woke up because he heard loud music, so he came out of the room and saw LSK dancing with a wig on. She turned around while dancing and saw Ha Yu there.

[i thought this part was super funny so i decided to post it up!]
Moses + the Chung household all went out for an outing. Ha Yu video-called them and after a while, it rained. Ha Yu warned them that it is going to rain soon at their place. But Moses did not believe him because it was so sunny. Suddenly, it started to rain and they all ran home!

Raymond and Linda were in the car and passed by Fala and Dexter. Fala and Dexter were arguing over something. Raymond went to her sister's aid. When the bus came, Fala quickly escaped the scene.

Raymond and Linda have been looking for Fala all day. After searching, they found her sitting at a telephone booth. Raymond wanted to wait for her, and asked Linda to go home first. But Linda wanted to stay and mentioned she was given the nickname 'Sleepy Monster' because she can sleep anywhere. At first, Fala said she won't be coming home for dinner. In the end, Fala sms-ed Raymond to come pick her up.

The next day, Fala explained everything to Raymond and Linda. She said that Dexter was the one who always went home last at work. He gave up taking the car to work, and took the mini bus to work, with her. But he doesn't talk with her. One day, she saw him reading a sign language book. He finally told her he did all those things because of her.

They have been dating for 3 months. One day they were holding hands walking down the street. All of a sudden, he let go of her hands because he saw his mother. He told her they were just colleagues. She was very upset and left. She overheard his mother saying that she pitied her because she would have to struggle in the future. She now misses and still likes Dexter. She decided to resign from her job.

Michelle and Ha Yu decided to take a day off to spend time together. Michelle told him to stop going to LSK's house because she is afraid that Ha Yu will hurt LSK's feelings. But Ha Yu denied what she said. Michelle said that she is also a woman, she knows how LSK feels. Ha Yu agrees. (As you all know Michelle is evil. So actually, she told him not to see her because she doesn't want them to be so close)

Fala was boarding the mini bus and saw Dexter also wanting to. But there wasn't enough space, so he couldn't. Dexter then sms-ed her asking whether he could meet up with her for the last time. Fala said OK. So that night, they met at the port. Dexter tried to convince Fala to go back to her job. But Fala did not want to.. so Dexter gave up and walked away.

At a distance, Ha Yu was watching their argument. After Dexter walked away, he went up to Fala and asked her what was happening. She did not want to answer him and cried. But from her hand language, Ha Yu knew that was heartbroken. So he called Raymond and the whole family to come cheer her up.

Meanwhile, Ha Yu wore the wig and fake nose and danced to the music to cheer Fala up. After that the whole family came and sang alot.

The man (click here to see picture!) called Michelle and told her all of Ha Yu's phone calls and text messages. Michelle was extremely jealous and convinced Lee Heung Kam to go visit the Chung household because she knows that Ha Yu is going there.

[HAHA the scene of Moses doing the 'ok' sign is so cute!]
So the 3 of them went to their house. the Chung household + Moses & Vincent were shocked to see her visiting all of a sudden. They invited the 3 of them in. Moses quickly asked Raymond to tell Ha Yu not to come. But his handphone had no battery, so both of them wanted to go down to tell Ha Yu. Michelle suspected something. But suddenly LHK felt dizzy, so Raymond had to go bring her home.

Ha Yu was on his way up, till he saw them so he went down again. But because he was rushing, he was involved in a car accident but only had minor injuries.

PHEW! There you go.. Episode 14 :]

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Moonlight Resonance: Comparisons between characters (Part 2)

LOL I just found out it wasn't easy making a post like the earlier one.
Oh and thanks everyone for their moral support towards this very new blog!!

Anyways, I'm gonna continue with the younger males of the 2 series!

[Warning, alot of major spoilers ahead!]

Moses Chan
He is known as Sai Bao in HOG, and Ah Ga in MR.
Sai Bao is a very happy, cheerful man. He is quite childish and loves to make people happy. He is a very good friend, therefore he will try his best to help his friends/relatives. He has the nature of his father (Ha Yu), but his mother is not Lee Sze Kei nor Susanna.
Ah Ga is the oldest among his siblings in the family. He is playful and carefree. When he was about to be taken away from LSK, he promised her that he will take care of his brothers. When he grew up, he became obsessed with buying stocks. In episode 9, he failed in one of his projects and thinking that his boss (Astrid) likes him, he kissed her. He was fired by Astrid for making the company lose a big client.

Raymond Lam
Alfred is a young, prominent lawyer. He is very confident in everything he does. He is also very smart and a lot of girls (such as Linda, Yoyo & Tracy) fall in love with him.
Ah Ho is a family-oriented person. He cares alot for the family and is trying his best to reunite the family. He likes to work in the bakery with his family members. He is a responsible person and carries the burdens of the family, trying to help and not tire out LSK.

Bosco Wong
Also known as Gilbert/Ah Gil in HOG.
Gilbert studied overseas and came back in the beginning of the series. He is a bit arrogant and sometimes very serious and mature in the things he does. He is also spoiled by his family.
This time in MR, he is not related to any of them in the series. He will only appear after episode 16. He appears when a pregnant lady is about to give birth and he helps her (He is a doctor).

Chris Lai
Ah Foon is like the goodie-2-shoes in the family. He is very obedient to his mother (Susanna) and is always on her side. At the end, he didn't want to side his mother, instead he sides is brother Moses because he found out his mother has been doing a lot of cruel things behind the family's back.
Ah Yuen is a very spoiled, but smart person. He is favoured by his stepmother (Michelle) and has a lot of potential in the bakery business. He will marry Kate later in the series.

Part 3 will be coming soon (i hope)!

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Moonlight Resonance: Comparisons between characters (Part 1)

I am currently watching Moonlight Resonance, and rewatching Heart of Greed to analyze deeper into both series and find the differences and similarities between the two.
Yoyo Mung is no longer in MR, but there are some additional casts such as Kate Tsui and Vincent Wan. The remaining characters from HOG have their own different backgrounds and personalities in MR.

[Warning, alot of major spoilers ahead!]

Ha Yu
Tong Yan Gaai is also known as Dai Bao in HOG. Gam Tai Jo is known as Jo Ba in MR.
Dai Bao is a very happy cheerful person. He is the source of joy in the family. He enjoys life as much as possible until he passed away at the last few episodes.
Jo Ba is a career-minded person. He is sometimes hot-headed and stubborn. He is very obedient to his wife and mother. But in episode 9-10, he admitted that he was wrong to choose Michelle's character only for her looks and he wants to be able to spend his time with his children like last time.

Lee Sze Kei
In HOG, she is also known as Dai Kai. In MR, she's known as Hor Ma.
Dai Kai is a loving mother and is well-respected among the family members. You can say she is the leader of the Tong family. She is a very humble person, but she is also sturdy and tough at times. She passes away at the end of the series.
Hor Ma's character is almost the same as in HOG. But this time, she had a divorce with Ha Yu's character because he wanted to marry Michelle's character. She works in the bakery with her 3 children (Raymond, Fala and Tavia). She likes to make people happy with her 'rotten gags'.

Michelle Yim
In HOG, she is Lee Sze Kei's younger sister. She cares alot for the family and tries to hold everyone together. Long ago, she fell in love with a doctor and he cheated all her money. The family eventually forgives her.
In MR, she is a villain and a glamorous woman. On the exterior, she looks like a gentle, caring mother. But inside, she is cruel. When she was around her 20's (in the show), she got a job at Ha Yu & LSK's bakery. At first Ha Yu did not approve of her working there because she did not have any past experience in baking. But LSK pitied her and let her work there. She was ungrateful and a secret affair with Ha Yu. One day she forces Ha Yu to tell LSK about their affair. She succeeds at doing so and Ha Yu marries her after divorcing LSK. Ha Yu's mother (Lee Heung Kam) likes her more than LSK because she thinks that Michelle is raising the children well while LSK is letting her children work in the bakery, and not studying overseas like the rest of them.

Susanna Kwan

Sau Kam is known as Sai Kai in HOG while in MR, people call her Sa Yi (Auntie Sa).
Her character in HOG is Ha Yu's 2nd wife. Susanna was a villain. She is bossy and calculative. She is also slick and had an affair with another man. After Ha Yu's death, she wanted his inheritance and also the business.
In MR, she is LSK's sister. She is very thick-skinned, selfish and wants to be youthful. She lived in Portugal with her husband and daughter (Kate Tsui) but then she returned to Hong Kong because she divorced him.

I shall continue another day with other characters :]

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First post.

Hey everyone! This is Carmen here!
I had a personal blog and I tried to cram alot of TVB stuff inside, but unfortunately I found it a bit inappropriate to do so. Which is why, I made this blog. Just to add, I will be updating my personal blog as well, so it's not abandoned or anything!

This is just a very simple blog, where I, an ordinary TVB fan post about what I think of TVB & their latest series, gossip and news. I am also thinking of doing reviews. Since I do stuff in Photoshop, I'll share them with you guys here as well!

Let me just start off with my favourites in TVB. I love Gigi, Ada, Tavia, Myolie, Melissa, Jessica, Moses, Bosco, Raymond, Kevin, Bowie & Ron. There are others that I like.. but the list will be very long!

YES, I do not have beautiful layouts like the rest of the blogs out there. I'm trying my best in customizing the blog and I'm very new in this, so do forgive me if my blog gives you a sore eye! I'm still working on the blog layout and everything.

This is all I've got to say in the first post of this blog. I hope you guys visit the blog often :] There's alot more in store.