Sunday, August 17, 2008

First post.

Hey everyone! This is Carmen here!
I had a personal blog and I tried to cram alot of TVB stuff inside, but unfortunately I found it a bit inappropriate to do so. Which is why, I made this blog. Just to add, I will be updating my personal blog as well, so it's not abandoned or anything!

This is just a very simple blog, where I, an ordinary TVB fan post about what I think of TVB & their latest series, gossip and news. I am also thinking of doing reviews. Since I do stuff in Photoshop, I'll share them with you guys here as well!

Let me just start off with my favourites in TVB. I love Gigi, Ada, Tavia, Myolie, Melissa, Jessica, Moses, Bosco, Raymond, Kevin, Bowie & Ron. There are others that I like.. but the list will be very long!

YES, I do not have beautiful layouts like the rest of the blogs out there. I'm trying my best in customizing the blog and I'm very new in this, so do forgive me if my blog gives you a sore eye! I'm still working on the blog layout and everything.

This is all I've got to say in the first post of this blog. I hope you guys visit the blog often :] There's alot more in store.


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