Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New E.U. poll.

Hey guys. I've been thinking of a poll question to ask for the past few weeks (yeah, that bad!). Finally came up with a very common, simple question (:

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The poll will end at April 15th :)

I will be posting CC ep 9 soon.. I hope.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Coffee Confidential Episode 8

Just like I said, I'm writing something about this episode!

In this episode, Moses goes to Piacenza (Italy), Copenhagen (Denmark), Taipei (Taiwan) and Nairobi (Kenya). It's so cool, he gets to go to different foreign countries!


1. Luigi Lupi, famous world barista for Latte Art
2. "Rosetta" and heart-shaped Latte Art
3. Luigi assisting Moses

1. Moses's Latte Art (the first is not bad!)
2. Moses getting his barista certificate
3. Moses hugging Luigi

Quick facts
- When you're doing Latte Art, the milk's tempature must be at least 60-70 degrees Celcius.
- It might look easy, but it's not.


1. Troels Overdal Poulsen, winner of World Barista Championship 2005.
2. Cooling down the roasted coffee beans
3. Moses telling audience to hear the sound of the coffee beans.

1. Columbian, Brazilian and Kenyan coffee beans.
2. Moses tasting the coffee and trying to identify the 3 coffees.
3. Moses and 3 coffees.

Quick facts
Kenyan coffee = strong
Brazilian coffee = thicker taste, peanut taste
Columbian coffee = a bit of chocolate taste, sweeter, 'clean' taste,


1. Lin Dong Yuan/Lam Dong Yun (林东源), won several barista awards.
2. Coffee (Latte Art)
3. The different kinds of coffee Lam Dong Yun can make. (*)

1 & 2. Moses trying the coffee.

Quick facts (refer to the * picture)
- You can taste 3 different tastes from the first coffee. 3 layers - sweet potato, espresso and milk foam.
- The Pomodoro (2nd coffee) is made of tomatoes and coffee. Firstly, he peels of the skin and takes out the seed from the tomato. Then he puts the tomato in the freezer to freeze it. Then he pours hot coffee on top of it.
- Third coffee - 'Grappa' (Italian-made wine), coffee, a slice of lime, sugar. You can taste the sourness of the lime's, 'sweetness' of the sugar, bitterness of the coffee and the fragrance of the wine. It's like a war going on in your mouth. According to Yun, this coffee has the most unique taste.

1. Izuru Mikami (三上出), Japanese coffee championship judge
2. Moses being silly with the cups!
3. Moses learning how to brew that special coffee.

1. Izuru 'brewing' the coffee.
2. Moses trying his own brewed coffee.
3. Moses, Izuru, and his translator. Izuru praised Moses gave him 90 points for his coffee.

Quick Facts
- You slowly pour the water in the middle of the cone thing until the coffee drips and reaches 150cc.

1. John Karuru, professional cup taster.
2 & 3. Process of making the cinnamon ginger coffee.

1. Moses popping out from the kitchen.
2. Smelling the coffee..
3. Sipping the coffee..

1. Moses's astonished face (he was amazed at how loud John can sip the coffee).
2. John's family singing "Jesus loves me, this I know"

Quick facts
- Tradidional Kenyan coffee: Cinnamon ginger = Water, coffee powder, ginger powder, cinnamon powder, boil for 3 minutes, that easy!

EPISODE 9, HERE I COME! Lol, I like making write-ups for documentaries more than series :P

Kate Tsui's new single, 讀心術

Kate's new single, 讀心術

Man, I can't even hear her voice! It's so techno-ish. But this is the 'DJ version'. Whatever it is, I seriously think she should improve on her acting first.

I'm watching Coffee Confidential episode 8 now. Might write something about it later, since I love both Moses and coffee!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Actors/actresses turning into singers; Beginning of March creations.

Translated by: Matchbox @

Kate Tsui entering the Music industry, worried about singing Live

Kate Tsui appeared as the spokesperson and attended the Sasa Anniversary Dinner. She revealed that she is starting to work on her music career. Currently she is busy dancing and practising her singing. The reporter mentioned that many artists become singers however their singing is average when they sing live. She stated that she is also worried about that. "I will do my best. I am a newcomer and hope people will forgive me". (What will be your image?) "My dancing will be a little sexy. I also have to wear 3 to 4 inch high heels to dance but I'm afraid I might twist my ankle".

Why are almost all the TVB actors/actresses going into singing?! It makes them look like they want more popularity. Well, I won't mind if the artiste sings good, but a lot sing, although they don't sound very good. Why can't they just STAY actors/actresses, and singers stay singers. But once again, if they're good in both ways.. then I don't mind.

A few I think who are good, would be.. Raymond, Ron and Niki. I'm not being biased at all. If you haven't heard their singing (I bet most of you have), go check it out. Linda, Wong Cho Lam and Myolie sing okay, but they have room for improvement, since they're new in their singing careers. I believe they will improve, just like their acting.. over the years. Tavia isn't really going to be a singer, she's just singing TVB themesongs or singing for events, though I like her rendition of Sammi Cheng's Forever Beauty (終身美麗). She kinda went off-key a bit. But I didn't like her singing in the themesong for Sweetness In The Salt. I think Tavia's not suited to sing low-pitched songs. Charmaine.. well, I would want to watch more acting instead of singing from her. Kate Tsui.. I don't know about her cause I haven't heard her singing yet. Yumiko Cheng.. I think she's bad in both acting and singing. Have you heard of her song, Up and Down?! I'm sorry, I find it kinda silly or probably it's not my cup of tea.
There are a few other people which I am not fond of, but I simply can't recall any of them right now.

P/S: No offense to any of the fans.

Here's what I have done these few days:

Coffee Confidential (Picture credit: My Favourite TVB)
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Team of Miracle: We Will Rock You

Sammul Banner
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Off-topic and random:
(Anyone watches Fred :D?)

Some buttons, made for Media Chamber:
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(Join Media Chamber! It's a very fun forum!)

New layout! Haha.. but to me, it looks a bit strange.. what do you think?
Oh, and I will reply tags another time. Kinda busy right now.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Winter Melon Tale 大冬瓜

FAN TUNG (Liu Kai Chi) is one of the four deities under the Stove God. He has offended the Queen Mother of the West of being ravenous and gets imprisoned for 500 years in the winter melon. By chance TIN TAI KWAI (Sunny Chan) and his wife CHUNG PIK YUK (Louisa So) free him from constraint. TUNG has crashed with KWAI's older brother TIN TAI FU (also played by Liu Kai Chi) accidentally and his spirit enters FU's body inexplicably while losing all his instincts.

TUNG starts living in KWAI's house and getting closer to the family. YUK finds suspicious TUNG and she tries to unmask him by all means. Having failed in his attempt to return to Heaven, TUNG becomes reliant on the help of six little deities who assimilated his instincts released from the melon, and since then TUNG is aware of the fickleness of human nature. One day, FU's truant wife LING FUNG (Rain Lau) suddenly returns. She ruins everything and even causes the death of KWAI. In order to get his life back, TUNG illicitly breaks into the netherworld.

Starring: Sunny Chan, Louisa So, Nancy Wu, Liu Kai Chi, Rain Lau

Credits: Astro on Demand

Well, this series doesn't really appeal to me, but they do have a good cast. I'll only watch this when I have time or need a good laugh (:

Friday, March 6, 2009

New creations (End of February-Beginning of March).

LOL this is becoming more of a graphics blog more than a TVB-content blog!
I really want to make a new layout! But, I don't have time..
I enjoy watching EU! I'm currently at episode 7. The plot and story is going quite smoothly.. I wish I can make screencaps from EU, but I'm watching it from TV :(
Nowadays, I have been throwing myself into Photoshop when I'm free. I want to get back that inspiration and wonderful feeling I lost! Here are the stuff I made this week.

E.U. (a lot of Ron&Elanne creations because I found a lot of cute pictures of them!)

Ada & Max (such a sweet couple!)
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Gigi's new movie releasing soon (流浪汉世界杯 Team of Miracle: We Will Rock You)
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Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

P/S: Please inform and credit me if you're using any of them. Thanks.