Monday, August 18, 2008

Moonlight Resonance: Comparisons between characters (Part 1)

I am currently watching Moonlight Resonance, and rewatching Heart of Greed to analyze deeper into both series and find the differences and similarities between the two.
Yoyo Mung is no longer in MR, but there are some additional casts such as Kate Tsui and Vincent Wan. The remaining characters from HOG have their own different backgrounds and personalities in MR.

[Warning, alot of major spoilers ahead!]

Ha Yu
Tong Yan Gaai is also known as Dai Bao in HOG. Gam Tai Jo is known as Jo Ba in MR.
Dai Bao is a very happy cheerful person. He is the source of joy in the family. He enjoys life as much as possible until he passed away at the last few episodes.
Jo Ba is a career-minded person. He is sometimes hot-headed and stubborn. He is very obedient to his wife and mother. But in episode 9-10, he admitted that he was wrong to choose Michelle's character only for her looks and he wants to be able to spend his time with his children like last time.

Lee Sze Kei
In HOG, she is also known as Dai Kai. In MR, she's known as Hor Ma.
Dai Kai is a loving mother and is well-respected among the family members. You can say she is the leader of the Tong family. She is a very humble person, but she is also sturdy and tough at times. She passes away at the end of the series.
Hor Ma's character is almost the same as in HOG. But this time, she had a divorce with Ha Yu's character because he wanted to marry Michelle's character. She works in the bakery with her 3 children (Raymond, Fala and Tavia). She likes to make people happy with her 'rotten gags'.

Michelle Yim
In HOG, she is Lee Sze Kei's younger sister. She cares alot for the family and tries to hold everyone together. Long ago, she fell in love with a doctor and he cheated all her money. The family eventually forgives her.
In MR, she is a villain and a glamorous woman. On the exterior, she looks like a gentle, caring mother. But inside, she is cruel. When she was around her 20's (in the show), she got a job at Ha Yu & LSK's bakery. At first Ha Yu did not approve of her working there because she did not have any past experience in baking. But LSK pitied her and let her work there. She was ungrateful and a secret affair with Ha Yu. One day she forces Ha Yu to tell LSK about their affair. She succeeds at doing so and Ha Yu marries her after divorcing LSK. Ha Yu's mother (Lee Heung Kam) likes her more than LSK because she thinks that Michelle is raising the children well while LSK is letting her children work in the bakery, and not studying overseas like the rest of them.

Susanna Kwan

Sau Kam is known as Sai Kai in HOG while in MR, people call her Sa Yi (Auntie Sa).
Her character in HOG is Ha Yu's 2nd wife. Susanna was a villain. She is bossy and calculative. She is also slick and had an affair with another man. After Ha Yu's death, she wanted his inheritance and also the business.
In MR, she is LSK's sister. She is very thick-skinned, selfish and wants to be youthful. She lived in Portugal with her husband and daughter (Kate Tsui) but then she returned to Hong Kong because she divorced him.

I shall continue another day with other characters :]


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