Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moonlight Resonance: Comparisons between characters (Part 2)

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Anyways, I'm gonna continue with the younger males of the 2 series!

[Warning, alot of major spoilers ahead!]

Moses Chan
He is known as Sai Bao in HOG, and Ah Ga in MR.
Sai Bao is a very happy, cheerful man. He is quite childish and loves to make people happy. He is a very good friend, therefore he will try his best to help his friends/relatives. He has the nature of his father (Ha Yu), but his mother is not Lee Sze Kei nor Susanna.
Ah Ga is the oldest among his siblings in the family. He is playful and carefree. When he was about to be taken away from LSK, he promised her that he will take care of his brothers. When he grew up, he became obsessed with buying stocks. In episode 9, he failed in one of his projects and thinking that his boss (Astrid) likes him, he kissed her. He was fired by Astrid for making the company lose a big client.

Raymond Lam
Alfred is a young, prominent lawyer. He is very confident in everything he does. He is also very smart and a lot of girls (such as Linda, Yoyo & Tracy) fall in love with him.
Ah Ho is a family-oriented person. He cares alot for the family and is trying his best to reunite the family. He likes to work in the bakery with his family members. He is a responsible person and carries the burdens of the family, trying to help and not tire out LSK.

Bosco Wong
Also known as Gilbert/Ah Gil in HOG.
Gilbert studied overseas and came back in the beginning of the series. He is a bit arrogant and sometimes very serious and mature in the things he does. He is also spoiled by his family.
This time in MR, he is not related to any of them in the series. He will only appear after episode 16. He appears when a pregnant lady is about to give birth and he helps her (He is a doctor).

Chris Lai
Ah Foon is like the goodie-2-shoes in the family. He is very obedient to his mother (Susanna) and is always on her side. At the end, he didn't want to side his mother, instead he sides is brother Moses because he found out his mother has been doing a lot of cruel things behind the family's back.
Ah Yuen is a very spoiled, but smart person. He is favoured by his stepmother (Michelle) and has a lot of potential in the bakery business. He will marry Kate later in the series.

Part 3 will be coming soon (i hope)!


  1. Carmen..? I thought Chris Lai .. "Ah Yeun"'s mother is LSK and Michelle Yim? .. not susanna?

  2. Oh I actually meant that Ah Foon's mother is Susanna, from HOG.