Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Gem of Life 珠光寶氣

You may wish to be a famous socialite.
You may wish to have fame and fortune.
But is that really what you will wish for at the end?

In PAK SIU-YAU (Louise Lee Sze Kei)'s eyes, her three daughters are just as perfect as diamonds. She believes that the greatest blessing for a woman is to marry a wealthy man. To guarantee a better life for her daughters, she has started training the girls since they were young, hoping that they will marry into the richest families when they mature.

YAU's first daughter HONG NGA-YIN (Maggie Shiu Mei Kei) does not agree with her on her values. Yet when she sees that the man YIN is going out with is KO CHEUNG-SING (Bowie Lam), who is very well-off, she decides to let YIN go with her choice. YAU's second daughter HONG NGA-TUNG (Gigi Lai Chi) is hopelessly romantic but does not seem to have much luck with men. To make it up to her, YAU seeks to match her up with HO CHIT-NAM (Moses Chan Ho), the son of Hong Kong's most powerful business tycoon HO FUNG (Ngok Wah). Being the youngest in the family, HONG NGA-SZE (Ada Choi Siu Fun) is well aware of YAU's concerns. Having recovered from divorce, SZE now decides to pin all her hopes on FUNG.

YAU's persistence pays off and her daughters have all found a wealthy husband. But money does not really bring them happiness and the sisters are gradually losing themselves in vanity.

Premiering 20th Oct - 8th Feb Mon-Fri, 9.30pm (80 episodes)

Producer: Johnathan Chik Kei Yee
Scriptwriter: Chow Yuk Ming, Pao Wai Chueng & Leung Man Wa
Starring: Bowie Lam (林保怡); Moses Chan Ho (陳豪); Ada Choi Siu Fun (蔡少芬); Gigi Lai Chi (黎姿); Maggie Shiu Mei Kei (邵美琪); Bosco Wong Chung Chak (黃宗澤); Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣); Wong He (王喜), David Chiang (姜大衛), Louise Lee Sze Kei (李司棋), Ngok Wah (岳華), Chan Hung Lit (陳鴻烈) etc...

Credits to Astro On Demand
Modifications by Carmen

*This is the AOD version of the poster, TVB's poster might be different.

I'm saying this early because I won't be around for the next 4-5 days :] That was a very quick banner xD

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Gem of Life trailer/MV

Update (Sept 30)
Ripped and uploaded a clearer version of the themesong, still quite unclear.. but clearer than the audio in the video below (less background talking):

An amazing fan, recorded a trailer (or maybe it's the themevideo, but it's sooo long so I doubt it, maybe it's the themesong MV) from the TGOL promotional event today (28th Sept). It's somewhere in the middle. In the beginning it's just Moses, Linda etc walking in.

Quite a lot of background talking though. Funny how when Queenie Chu comes out from the pool, you can hear people saying 'WAHHHH'. And it's so sweet at the end, where the whole family (Hong family) hugs each other.

*credits to batmanchina
It looks so cool :D! I must watch TGOL!!!! And the themesong by Shirley Kwan sounds really nice :)

Other videos of the event recorded by the same fan:
Clip 1
Clip 2

Interview with the casts:

Also, some pictures from the event (more will be added soon, if i can find them):
MC3's blog
Always Gigi

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New creations & banner

This is my first time showing you guys my creations!
I make them when I'm bored, or to use in some forums/sites.

Here are a few I made recently:

Also, I changed a bit of the layout of the blog. And new banner! It's Moses :] Haha! Sorry Jessica :P

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Four 少年四大名捕

Hardhearted and smart MO CHING (Raymond Lam) became a crippled when he was young. Fortunately CHING has met CHU KOT CHING NGO (Dominic Lam), the Head of the Sheriff Bureau, and has learnt from him his unparalleled skills of using concealed weapons. CHU has once helped the Sung Emperor recover an invaluable piece of article that the empire has long lost. To reward CHU, the Emperor reopened the
Sheriff Bureau. In addition to CHING, CHU has recruited ZEOI MING (Sammul Chan), a cunning swindler, TIT SAU (Kenneth Ma), an honest guy and the cold-blooded LANG HUYT (Ron Ng), and called them The Four.

The Sheriff Bureau has cracked many difficult cases under the leadership of CHU. After having gone through thick and thin with the others, CHING has become a lot less arrogant. He has fallen in love with SONG CHI YIN (Tsui Tsz Shan, Kate), a herb doctor, but she is only using him to sow dissension. The Four, furthermore deepens the hatred between him and SAU. The King of Qi CHIU CHEONG (Tsang Wai Kuen) and the treacherous minister CHOI KING (Lau Kong) are plotting to revolt against the Sung Dynasty. CHU risks his life to ruin their plan but by doing this, he is also driving the bond between him and The Four to the verge of disintegration.
- Credits to Astro On Demand for synopsis

Official site: http://drama.tvb.com/thefour/

For more pics, go visit Astro On Demand's The Four gallery

The themevideo:

Here's the themesong if anyone wants it:
-Ripped by me. Please credit if distributed. THANKS!

Trailer 1
Trailer 2
Trailer 3
Trailer 4

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Poll #1 results

Here are the poll results of 'Who Will Ah Ka Choose?'

(Click on picture for bigger and clearer view)
Tavia: 94%
Kate: 6%
Thank you everyone for your votes! You guys (majority wins!) wanted Moses to end up with Tavia. Haha I also voted for Tavia :] Movia's just too sweet! I'm kinda glad Kate dumped Moses. In the series, they did end up together!! Happy with the director's decision.
I shall reply the tags later!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Picture: The Gem of Life, Last One Standing, The Greatness of A Hero, When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West

(Click the pictures to get a bigger view.)

Ada, Gigi and Maggie look sexy, Linda looks a bit anorexic and the rest look pretty good. From the picture, we already know that the series is going to be very grand!!
Bernice and Sunny collaborate once again, after The Slicing of The Demon :] I didn't get to feel their chemistry in the series, so I hope I get to feel it this time.
Roger, Kevin and Yoyo in Last One Standing (22nd September). Both Roger & Kevin are two of the few actors with great potential, so I'm watching this for them! Yoyo's character looks too similar to her character in The Ultimate Crime Fighter. She looks tomboy-ish again. But, we'll never know till we watch the series.

Only When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West hasn't aired yet. Liza & Charmaine again. Liked their collaboration in Glittering Days which I'm watching now.

Taken from sehseh

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thoughts: Your Class Or Mine

The series is about Bobby (Pang Kam Chau), who sells grey products but his girlfriend cheated him and took everything away because both of them have been dating for a long time and Bobby has still not proposed to her. So he goes bankrupt, but finds another chance by using (tricking) a soccer team coach Benz (Fan Tai Wai). Then Bobby becomes the Operation Director of the team and he promises to help all the team players achieve good results in the coming examinations. But instead of asking them to study, he encourages them to waste their time doing unhealthy activities. So Derek (Ching Kwok Chu) who sponsors the soccer team tries to hire the popular and effective tutor, Sheren (Yim Ka Lai) to teach the team players (+ some other cheerleaders as well i think)

Bobby & Sheren often bicker in the series because they're teaching techniques are different. The academic performance of the team varies a lot but Bobby discovers that Benz's son (Law Chung Him). But Derek takes revenge by asking Sheren to make the soccer team into a mess. Bobby is very angry so he reveals to everyone the secret relationship between Sheren & Derek (lovers). All of a sudden, Sherens splendid tutorial career is coming to an end.

- Information by AOD, and added info/summarization by Carmen.

It's obvious (i'm guessing!) that Bobby & Sheren will be having a love relationship in the series. Like in the themesong (vide0) I saw this part where Bobby was carrying Sheren and turning her around. Btw, the themesong sounded awkward when I first heard it. But after that, it sounded okay and I didn't mind listening to it again. But it's not the best.

Bobby and Sheren were suppose to be casted in The Charm Beneath as the two older siblings, but instead Moses and Gigi got it. Well, not to say I don't like Moses and Gigi (in fact, I LOVE both of them!), but I really wanted to see Bobby and Sheren collaborate for once. Yayyy finally got to see their collaboration, and it was good :]

The 'newcomer' (he's not really a newcomer, he has been in a few movies/shows i think) Law Chung Him (Him Law) is doing quite good in acting. I see a bright future ahead of him, if he's exposed to more series that is. And the rest of them (Bobby, Sheren, Oscar etc) are doing pretty good as well. They're all hilarious! But I think without Bobby, Sheren, Derek, Kenneth and Oscar casted, I think the series would MAYBE do very bad because I don't know anyone else from the series, except for Mimi, Rabee'a, Benjamin and Benz. Anyways, i'm not done with the series so I can't judge the overall series for now. Sorry for the late post too btw!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm tagged!

Well, I was tagged by Christine @ Purtay-Perfection

i'm suppose to write 5 things about myself and one of them is not true. and you'll guess which one it is :] Here I go!

1. I don't know how to ride a bike
2. I don't know how to swim
3. I love TVB!!
4. I'm always very happy.
5. I hate school xD

Haha I'm suppose to tag 5 people.. I'm gonna tag.. YOU over there, YOU behind that thing, YOU who just read my posts, YOU who just posted at my cbox, and YOU! Whoever who wants to do it, go ahead!

Yikes sorry for not posting anything nowadays. Projects have been piling up and exams are next month. But.. affies, I made a new button! So feel free to change the previous button to the one now. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Last One Standing; Hollywood & TVB!

Last One Standing is confirmed to be airing at September 22, taking MR's time slot. The series looks intriguing to me! I'm gonna watch this if I have time :] And Yoyo's character in LOS seems similar to her character in The Ultimate Crime Fighter... The title was previously called 'Walking With The Enemy', but I personally like 'Last One Standing' better. The cast includes Roger Kwok, Kevin Cheng, Yoyo Mung, Kiki Sheung, Elaine Yiu, Evergreen Mak, Fiona Yuen, Macy Chan etc. The series has 22 episodes.

Kevin (Cheung Sing Hei) was accused for killing his stepfather and was sent to prison. The person who witnessed the killing was his cousin, Roger (Tong Lap Yin). After he was released from prison, he tries to find the truth behind the murder. While investigating, he meets Yoyo (Lei Pui Ka) who is a reporter. But Yoyo is actually Roger's girlfriend. So I'm guessing there's a love triangle between them?

Have you ever noticed that some of the TVB stars, also resemble some Hollywood stars? Here are a few TVB celebs which reminded me of the other Hollywood celebs.

Liza Wang - Julie Andrews
They're both highly respected in the entertainment industry and have been in the entertainment industry for a VERY long time! Both can sing.. Liza sings Cantonese Opera and Julie sang LOTS of songs from all kinds of movies (The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins etc).

Roger Kwok - Johnny Depp
Both of them are versatile and can play almost any character given. Who could forget Roger's comedic character in Life Made Simple? And of course Johnny's performance in Pirates of The Caribbean sequels. And from the sales presentation of Roger's new series, Last One Standing.. it LOOKS like he's going to play a serious, cunning man. Johnny's character from Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, looks a bit similar to Roger's from LOT, but less scary I bet.

Niki Chow - Emma Rossum
Both were recognized for their acting at first, and then concentrated on releasing albums and singing. But of course they did not let go of their 'actress' status. Both are young as well! Not to mention since they released albums, their voices are beautiful :)

Bobby Au Yeung - Jim Carrey/Steve Carell
All 3 of them are well-known for their comedic characters. Jim Carrey stars in Dumb and Dumber, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events and Bruce Almighty. Steve Carell never fails to impress us, some of his movies are Evan Almighty and Get Smart. Bobby's characters are also mostly hilarious and playful (Your Class or Mine, Armed Reaction sequels, Shine On You) and that's what makes him so popular. But when they have to act serious, they also succeed in doing so.