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Just Love II 老婆大人II

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4th May - 5th Jun Mon-Fri, 8.30pm
Shrewish husband V.S. Shrewd wife
A bond between justice and affection

Career-minded magistrate KO HEI MAN (Jessica Hsuan) gains full support from her loyal husband KOT KWOK KWONG (Sunny Chan) so that she is able to concentrate fully on her works. At court, MAN strongly believes that everyone is equal before the law and she tackles every challenge confidently. At home, she never bothers about the household duties which are all taken by husband and any complaints filed by mother-in-law. MAN just takes things for granted but fate continuously to convince her that law cannot be applied to every situation.

MAN feels sympathized with HO SAU SAU (Joyce Tang) who suffers from slight mental disorders. Trying to help, MAN allows her to come into her family but this creates an opportunity for SAU to replace MAN's role as a wife and a mother completely. KWONG is seriously injured during a car accident. His relative KOT TAK WAN (Johnson Lee) lectures KWONG how to fight against MAN and this leads to serious communication breakdown between the couple. Swindler HO SHI FU (Benz Hui) appears in MAN's life as a hopeless villain from the lower class but he is in fact the father of a senior official.

"Just Love II" is a story about law and human nature. How would the couple tide over the difficulties?

Chong Wai Kin
Scriptwriter: Wong Kwok Fai
Starring: Jessica Hsuan (宣 萱), Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻), Benz Hui (許紹雄), Joyce Tang (滕麗名), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Johnson Lee (李思捷), Rosanna Lui (呂 珊), Ken Wong (王凱韋).

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Astro On Demand

Rosy Business 巾帼枭雄

27th Apr - 29th May Mon-Fri, 9.30pm
An incisive portrait of a business woman
Torn between duty and desire

HONG PO KEI's (Sheren Tang) engagement with Wuxi rice baron TSEUNG KIU (Ngok Wah) broke off many years ago when a natural disaster hit the country. Later when the country was running out of food supply her whole family was killed and she become a criminal. Over the years, KEI has never got over KIU. She has been trying to prove he is not as heartless as the others think. Fate has it that they meet again and she becomes his fourth wife. KIU's first and second wives, YAN FUNG YEE (Susan Tse) and PANG KIU (Kiki Sheung), always make things difficult for KEI. KEI, who is an extremely clever person who never wastes time on trivial things, turns every threat into an opportunity. This makes KIU appreciate her wisdom and persistence. He entrusts his business to her and tells her to find a suitable successor for him before he dies.

Despite all the attacks in the family, KEI manages to keep the business in good shape. She has never forgotten KIU's last wish, too. By chance, she discovers that TSEUNG PIT CHING (Ron Ng), KIU's second son, is not really a playboy but an upright person loved by everyone in the shop. She therefore guides and helps him in every possible way, but her efforts are met with CHAI KAU's (Wayne Lai) challenges. KAU seeks vengeance for being mistreated and wants a pay back from TSEUNG family. After rounds after rounds of battle wits and actual fights, KEI and KAU begin to appreciate each other. KAU even falls for KEI as time goes by.

Producer: Lee Tim Sing
Scriptwriter: Cheung Wah Biu & Chan Ching Yee
Starring: Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯), Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Ngok Wah (岳華), Kiki Sheung (商天娥), Susan Tse (謝雪心), Kara Hui (惠英紅), Nancy Wu (胡定欣).

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Astro On Demand


Man in Charge 幕后大老爷

6th Apr - 1st May, Mon-Fri, 8.30pm

Sometimes kind Sometimes sassy
Stay away from my spy woman

Master TAI YAU KUNG (Lau Ka Fai) is skilled in training official advisor for government. He helps his foster son CHOW PING (Kenneth Ma) obtain a job in officialdom. PING is a resourceful young man but he holds fast to his own beliefs. He finds all the rules and practices of the officials intolerable so he stays idle all the time. Sometimes he goes tavern to have fun and he falls into the adorable owner CHONG SIU HAN (Leila Tong). His wife CHIU YUK HING (Kate) becomes green-eyed monster and never stays in settlement with him.

KUNG recommends PING to work as an advisor to the new government official SHUM KWAN POK (Matthew Ko). PING and POK become good friends as time goes by. However, PING accidentally discovers that his respectful master KUNG is actually the father of POK. In order to protect himself, POK starts making use of HING to eliminate PING. PING is shocked to realize that his wife is in fact a spy dispatched by Imperial .

Lee Tim Shing
Scriptwriter: Sit Ka Wah
Starring: Kenneth Ma (马国明), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Matthew Ko (高钧贤), Leila Tong (唐 寧), Lau Ka Fai (刘家辉), Wong Chi Yin (黄智贤), Cheung Chi Kwong (蒋志光), Lau Kong (刘 江)

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Late post - Creations (March '09)

Hey! Gosh, it has been such a long time since I updated. Sorry, life has been sooo hectic and the internet connection is getting crappier and crappier everyday. So much homework, projects, events etc... Internet connection is down most of the time (don't know why) and it only works once in a while, freaky.

About the poll, thanks for voting everyone! But I might not be able to take it down at April 15th, cause of the crappy internet connection (means, I probably won't be on at that day). So I'm thinking of taking it down now. Besides, I think everyone who wants to vote has already voted.
So here are the results!!

Are you liking E.U.?

Well, so overall.. the audience loves E.U.! Haha, I love it too :D

Anyways, sorry to disappoint (if I am), I really didn't have time to update about CC ep 9, I didn't have the time to analyze and screencap everything.
But, to ease the stress I face, I have made some graphics!

Icons/Avatars 100x100
(Selena, E.U. and Moses)
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Banner (E.U.)
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LOL, Lap Man and Yau Yau's relationship in E.U. reminds me of Taylor Swift's Love Story.

Well yeah that's it :)
I'll TRY to reply some of the tags now and reply the others another time!
Hope everyone had a great Good Friday and Easter by the way.