Wednesday, October 14, 2009

'Tis hard to speak the word farewell.

Yes, it is farewell for Thoughts on TVB :pandacloud_37:

These are the few reasons why I am not continuing:

1. I am not interested in TVB as much as I was last time. If there is no passion or interest, there is certainly no motivation as well.

2. I also won't have much time to watch series anymore because next year, I will be much busier as before. I am taking many new subjects next year, which requires a lot of my attention, practice and concentration. I would like to be uninvolved in TVB, as much as possible.

3. A TVB-related fan blog, is not complete without reviews and the latest information. Honestly, I can't write reviews! I seem to find every series I watch lately, mediocre. I am also not too good in pointing out the weaknesses and strengths in a series.

4. I will be creating a new Gigi Lai archive/fansite. I find it much easier to post in a blog which only requires information about one person or thing. Searching for news is also easier.
Handling a TVB fansite is not as easy as it seems. TVB is very general, and I'm very late in receiving new series filming updates or news.

I won't be deleting the blog though. I'll keep it here, as memories.
You may remove my link if you want to.
You may also wish to replace the TOT link with the new Gigi site link, but remember to inform me so that I can link you as well!

I'm terribly sorry.

If you want to keep in touch, you can either find me @:
Glamorous Gigi
or @ my
personal blog, facebook and twitter (:pandacloud_44: it's for me to know and for you to find out!).