Friday, March 13, 2009

The Winter Melon Tale 大冬瓜

FAN TUNG (Liu Kai Chi) is one of the four deities under the Stove God. He has offended the Queen Mother of the West of being ravenous and gets imprisoned for 500 years in the winter melon. By chance TIN TAI KWAI (Sunny Chan) and his wife CHUNG PIK YUK (Louisa So) free him from constraint. TUNG has crashed with KWAI's older brother TIN TAI FU (also played by Liu Kai Chi) accidentally and his spirit enters FU's body inexplicably while losing all his instincts.

TUNG starts living in KWAI's house and getting closer to the family. YUK finds suspicious TUNG and she tries to unmask him by all means. Having failed in his attempt to return to Heaven, TUNG becomes reliant on the help of six little deities who assimilated his instincts released from the melon, and since then TUNG is aware of the fickleness of human nature. One day, FU's truant wife LING FUNG (Rain Lau) suddenly returns. She ruins everything and even causes the death of KWAI. In order to get his life back, TUNG illicitly breaks into the netherworld.

Starring: Sunny Chan, Louisa So, Nancy Wu, Liu Kai Chi, Rain Lau

Credits: Astro on Demand

Well, this series doesn't really appeal to me, but they do have a good cast. I'll only watch this when I have time or need a good laugh (:


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