Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tagged by Sharon from Simply TVB!

The rules are you must answer the questions below with something that begins with the first letter of your first name. If the person who has tagged you has the same letter, use a different one. You may not use any word twice or make anything words up. Then, you must tag five other people.

A girl's name - Carrie
A boy's name - Connor
A unisex name - Cameron
An animal - Chicken
An adjective - Cunning
A car brand - Chevrolet
A food & drink - Candy and Coke!
A game - Checkers
A country - China
A movie/drama - C.I.B. Files
Four words that end in 'Y' - Carry, Cadbury, Comfy, Caddy
Another name - Cherie!

I tag:
- Ling from TVB Moments
- Lavendar_Blues from In Love with TVB
- Beatrice from Reviews From A Notebook - TVB
- Surina from Surina's Blog - Obsessions - Thoughts
- Caja from CajaBlogger


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