Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Actors/actresses turning into singers; Beginning of March creations.

Source: On.cc
Translated by: Matchbox @ http://mediachamber.net

Kate Tsui entering the Music industry, worried about singing Live

Kate Tsui appeared as the spokesperson and attended the Sasa Anniversary Dinner. She revealed that she is starting to work on her music career. Currently she is busy dancing and practising her singing. The reporter mentioned that many artists become singers however their singing is average when they sing live. She stated that she is also worried about that. "I will do my best. I am a newcomer and hope people will forgive me". (What will be your image?) "My dancing will be a little sexy. I also have to wear 3 to 4 inch high heels to dance but I'm afraid I might twist my ankle".

Why are almost all the TVB actors/actresses going into singing?! It makes them look like they want more popularity. Well, I won't mind if the artiste sings good, but a lot sing, although they don't sound very good. Why can't they just STAY actors/actresses, and singers stay singers. But once again, if they're good in both ways.. then I don't mind.

A few I think who are good, would be.. Raymond, Ron and Niki. I'm not being biased at all. If you haven't heard their singing (I bet most of you have), go check it out. Linda, Wong Cho Lam and Myolie sing okay, but they have room for improvement, since they're new in their singing careers. I believe they will improve, just like their acting.. over the years. Tavia isn't really going to be a singer, she's just singing TVB themesongs or singing for events, though I like her rendition of Sammi Cheng's Forever Beauty (終身美麗). She kinda went off-key a bit. But I didn't like her singing in the themesong for Sweetness In The Salt. I think Tavia's not suited to sing low-pitched songs. Charmaine.. well, I would want to watch more acting instead of singing from her. Kate Tsui.. I don't know about her cause I haven't heard her singing yet. Yumiko Cheng.. I think she's bad in both acting and singing. Have you heard of her song, Up and Down?! I'm sorry, I find it kinda silly or probably it's not my cup of tea.
There are a few other people which I am not fond of, but I simply can't recall any of them right now.

P/S: No offense to any of the fans.

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  1. Hi Blossom! I think Wong Cho Lam has a good singing voice, it's just that the songs on his cd don't really show off his voice since it shows off his personality more. Also, unless Kate somehow totally changed her voice, her singing is horrible! It's very high to me but I'm thinking that they want her to be more the dancer than the singer. The one person I really want to put out a cd is Bernice! =)