Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Screencaping TGOL instead of write-ups

Hey, so how's everyone doing lately? Sry for not posting frequently, I've been pretty busy with a lot of things especially homework! School just started for me and probably for others as well. It has been a rough first week of school. A lot of 'interesting' things happened lately.. I'm still catching up on Gem, despite the VERY slow internet connection I'm facing right now. I can't believe I'm already downloading up to episode 59, it's a record!! I have never downloaded so many episodes of series in my life :pandacloud_11:

Anyways, I give up on the write-ups for TGOL! It's just too long, I can't cope with it especially with the loads of homework my teachers are giving. So I plan to just do screencaps of the important or memorable parts of the episode, gives you a glimpse of what's gonna happen before you watch it or it brings back 'memories' when you watched that certain episode!
Probably I'll start from episode 35.. but if you guys have any special requests on what episode to screencap (except for the episodes I have already provided write-ups for), feel free to ask.
Hopefully, I'll start screencap-ing and replying your tags tomorrow, right after my hw :mStudy:

Oh yeah, I also plan to take down the reactions thingy cause people are playing with it xD Not bragging that I have great posts, but I KNOW a few people who click it for fun :pandacloud_26:


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