Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Gem of Life - Episode 35; 3rd TGOL Sub-theme by Moses Chan

"You're lying!"


"I already have my own happiness, I hope you will have yours."

"Let go.."

"I am the owner's husband.."

"Catherine will take my place.."

"The egg tarts only need 10 minutes, you attend the conference and come down quickly, then it'll be done."

"I finally know what I want, I want to be with you."


Btw, I just heard Moses's subtheme 我還在等甚麼 (What Am I Waiting For), for Gem in episode 60. Sounded pretty nice!

Here's the live version uploaded by lubberdukgee

Download it here (ripped and tweaked by me):

得到這麼多 怎麼感覺未快樂
走得這麼近 是否真正沒隔膜
開心這麼多 為何活著如幻覺
爛醉擁抱哼句歌 然後又 又怎麼

前行萬里捨不了當初 你早掉低我 但沒有別離過
旁人帶著艷羨 來說實在期望想做我
但我一顆心 卻永遠反鎖

人來人離這麼多 從來無人進入心窩
永遠記住前事我也覺得折磨 如早已預知的後果
如何愛清楚 日落提示分針下的歲月如梭
若果繼續這樣傻 我都失笑感觸我
看著時日過 我還在等什麼


  1. I like Moses but he's such a bad singer =( hehe

  2. OMG thank you for screencapping! I love MoGi in TGOL! And the song sounds nice. Great job!