Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!; Piano piece in POT

Hey guys, Happy New Year :)
Hope you have a blessed year ahead.

I think I'm gonna stop writing Gem episode summaries for now. It's just too long! I'll probably just tell you the progress of the series. Oh, I heard that episode 50's a real shocker and eye-opener. Waiting to download.. and perhaps share with everyone :]

2009's gonna be a very busy year for me cause I have to sit for a major important exam, so I won't be posting as much too.

Oh, and there's this nice song in Pages of Treasures, the piano piece that Eric Suen (Alex) composed for Shirley Yeung (Abbie).. I ripped it from episode 10, so if anyone wants a short version of it (1 minute 11 seconds), here it is:

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  1. By the way Shirley Yeung participated in Miss Chinese International 2002, where she made the top 5. She won 6 awards and she currently holds the record for the most awards won by Miss HK.