Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Gem of Life - Episode 1 to 5

I had a 2-day break from my finals, I couldn't resist watching The Gem of Life XD This is a summarization for episodes 1 -5..

John/David Chiang - Ching Yeung
Lee Sze Kei (LSK) - Sau Yau
Maggie - Nga Yin
Gigi - Nga Tung
Ada - Nga Sze
Rocky - Lai Kei
Cheung Chi Kwong - Yeung Chi Kao
Josephine - So Man
Patrick - Tim
Matt - Oscar

Maggie managed to get an invitation card to go for an event, which Ada will be present as well. But since there were rumours spreading about Cheung Chi Kwong (Ada's husband) with Maggie's artiste Josephine, Ada prevented her from entering. But eventually Maggie attended the function and was creating a scene. Ada came and explained to the reporters about everything between Josephine and Chi Kwong.

Gigi has returned from Canada and wanted to lend money from Ada to help her husband open art studio. Their relationship is not as stable as before. Ada lent the money to Gigi, and told her she must not return to Hong Kong.

The cheque was dishonoured, Gigi asked Wong Hei to help her by pretending to be a rich man trying to pursue Gigi so that Rocky will love her back again. The plan succeeded but at that time, Rocky only wanted Gigi for money. The whole family + Rocky had dinner that night, LSK exposed his secret about having another girlfriend and Gigi was heartbroken.

Gigi and Rocky have separated, Maggie asked Gigi to accompany her to work one day. Gigi met Chi Kwong and his friend and they went out for dinner. But his friend did not show up, so Gigi and Chi Kwong were left alone. Reporters caught them together and Ada was furious.

LSK and Maggie attended a charity dinner and Maggie's artiste Matt Yeung, was asked to become a host that night. But Maggie found out that he was in a relationship with someone's wife. LSK misunderstood Maggie for having an affair with Matt. She arranged to meet Matt and tell him not to be involved in other people's marriage. Coincidentally, Patrick (Maggie's husband) was there and heard everything, which got him misunderstood as well.

John (or David) resigned from his job and decided to open a business. Chi Kwong's company was about to go bankrupt, and tried to convince Moses to invest in their company's shares but Moses refused to do so. Moses and Bowie had a boat race (from then on, you can see that they weren't very fond of each other already).

Maggie went to see Bowie for business purposes, but Bowie pushed Maggie into the water. That night, Patrick arranged to meet Maggie in the same hotel. But Maggie appeared wet and Patrick arranged to meet another time. Maggie was furious and took revenge by hitting Bowie on the head with her high heels.

Chi Kwong helped John open his business, when he is already going to go bankrupt. Ada feels guilty because they are somehow cheating his money. Eventually, LSK found out about their bankruptcy and asked Ada and Gigi not to tell Maggie or John about it. John found out about LSK's stomach cramps.

Gigi was angry because Ada told her mum she was about to go bankrupt but she is still buying branded clothes. Ada scolded her back about how Gigi's husband left her. She cried and Moses who was in the same store heard her crying. Gigi saw a beautiful dress beside her and went to try it out. Moses complimented her and bought the dress for her.

Maggie follows Bowie and tries to convince him to sign the contract. Bowie signs the contract but after a while Maggie notices that the ink is fading. She went back and asked him to sign it again. But after meeting with her sister Ada, it was gone. Now everyone knows about Chi Kwong's company going bankrupt. He suddenly went missing and Ada asked Moses to help look for him.

So far, so good :] I'm enjoying the series and I do not think it's slow or draggy. They went straight to the sisters' problems. LSK is doing an excellent job being a strict mother! She's so smart and cunning in the series. LSK mentioned that Ada is her favourite daughter (in the series) because Maggie is stubborn and Gigi always makes her angry. Wong Hei grew up with the 3 sisters and once pursued Gigi when they were young. Gigi's character is really naive, I can't wait to watch the part where she turns into a more confident lady. So far, I really like Wong Hei and Ada's relationship! I really don't know which sister I like most cause all 3 of them are quite likable :P

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