Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thoughts on Gigi Lai leaving the entertainment industry..

Haha, this is something I have to post about.. it came to me as a shock because Gigi's retirement is quite early. I saw it coming already, but never thought it would be now..

If you don't now what I'm talking about, you can read about it from AsianFanatics:
Gigi Lai Announced Retirement from Entertainment Industry
TVB Will Not Terminate Gigi Lai’s Contract

Or watch it yourself:

I was pretty sad myself when I heard about it :[! Gigi was the first actress I ever liked from TVB. She's stunningly beautiful. Other than that, I used to dislike her crying because of the heavy breathing that would come along with it. But I do think that it has improved a whole lot. Especially in The Gem of Life (judging on the first 2 episodes and previews).

She's one of the main reasons why I love TVB (besides the series and the other artistes), was GIGI! I remember straying away from TVB and going for English/Korean series, but after watching The Dance of Passion with who else but Gigi in it, I felt that magnetic force to watch TVB series once more. Well yeah, the series was not as good as the previous, successful Chik series, but Gigi captured my attention in that series. I'll have to thank Chik for that :]

Watching The Gem of Life would be very hard for me also, bearing in mind that this is her last series. I will have to treasure it, and try not miss out on any episodes (but of course after my finals!). I do hope she reconsiders about returning to TVB again one day.

God bless you Gigi. I will always support you! Hopefully all goes well with your family too!

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  1. I think in her early acting career, Lai turned down roles that she felt compromised her public persona. However, she overcame her "superficial and childish image" later and began to embrace many critically acclaimed roles.