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The Gem of Life - Summary of Episode 6 to 10

My finals are finally over, so I can watch Gem now :]! But if my results aren't good, I will never be able to post again for a looong time O.O I can only make episode summaries on Gem because I watch it online, but the rest I'm watching on TV.. Note that this is a 'summary' so, only some scenes are mentioned..

John/David Chiang - Ching Yeung
Lee Sze Kei (LSK) - Sau Yau
Maggie - Nga Yin
Gigi - Nga Tung
Ada - Nga Sze
Bowie - Ko Cheung Sing
Moses - Ho Jit Nam
Cheung Chi Kwong - Yeung Chi Kao
Wong Hei - Sek Tai Wor
Eddie - Chan Kai Fat
Patrick - Yip Fu Tim
Lau Dan - Suen Wai Dak
Casper - Kai Fat's girlfriend

Ada asked her friends whether they could rent a helicopter to find her husband Cheung Chi Kwong, but they did not want to help her. But her caring sister Maggie, told her that she would help her find him.

Moses and Bowie met and they arranged a boat race. They both agreed that if Bowie wins, Moses has to invest in Chi Kwong's company, but if Moses wins, Bowie will do anything Moses asks him to.

Gigi finds Ada eating in the restaurant in the hotel. Ada said that she would eat so that she can continue searching for her husband but she could not. Moses saw Ada and Gigi, he approaches them and tries to comfort Ada. At that time, Gigi found out that it was Moses who paid for the dress (in episode 5) but thought badly of him because he did not want to invest in Chi Kwong's company.

At first, Bowie won by cheating. But Moses noticed, so he filed a complain and Bowie's entry was disqualified. Thus Moses won.

Bowie's car broke down. They tried to hail for a taxi, but the taxi did not see them. Bowie was so angry, he released his anger by throwing a brick at the taxi. After that, Bowie admitted that he only used Kenny so that he can win the race for him.

Gigi fell asleep on the sofa, after asking Ada to clean herself up so that they can eat dinner afterwards. But when she woke up, Ada was not in the bathroom. Gigi became very worried and told Maggie and Wong Hei about it. They split up to look for her. Gigi saw Moses and tried to convince him to invest in the company. At the same time Moses was trying to avoid his father. Gigi helped him by pretending they had a one night stand so that his father can talk about what he has done another time.
Maggie was searching for Ada and met Bowie. Bowie pushed Maggie into the pool again. Maggie admitted that it was her who hit Bowie on the head the other day. When Maggie was on her way out of the pool, she hit Bowie's head again.

Wong Hei found Ada, but she was with Chi Kwong. He also found out that Ada & Chi Kwong were lying to them about Chi Kwong being missing. Wong Hei told Maggie about it and Maggie scolded Ada for doing so.

Lee Sze Kei suddenly had stomach cramps again and she really has to go back to Hong Kong for a check-up. Ada felt guilty and finally admitted to her parents that she lied to them. Maggie keeps asking Ada to repay them back their money.

Gigi still tried to convince Moses to invest in Chi Kwong's company's shares. She followed him to his boat, Moses was in a rush so he had to start the boat. But they were stuck at sea. Moses fell sick and Gigi took care of him. But something bad happened to his business back in Hong Kong, so he acted coldly towards Gigi after that. They finally reach Shenzen, but the reporters are already waiting for them.

Ada learnt that her husband cheated all her money.

Patrick called Maggie to file for divorce. Maggie could not accept the fact and used an excuse to leave the situation. She had to go to Shenzen to fetch Gigi back and also help her boss retrieve some film strips. Bowie calls Maggie and tells her that there are drugs in one of the 3 film strips her boss asked her to take home from Shenzen. Maggie had to risk opening them to see which one has the drugs, but none of them did. It seemed like Bowie tried to trick Maggie again. Maggie was very sad, and she told Gigi about Patrick wanting to file a divorce.

Ada gave a cheque to LSK, when actually the family already told her she did not need to pay them back. Gigi returned the cheque to Ada because she did not want Ada to lie again.

John was asked to determine whether the diamond necklace that Sung Sai Kay (real name in series, don't know his name in real life) brought were fake. He examined it, and found out that 2 diamonds were fake. But because John thought that Lau Dan wanted him to say they were real, John lied to Sai Kay, saying they were real.

Wong Hei helped Gigi find a job at a jewellery store. She met Eddie, who is a newspaper stall owner. Eddie immediately fell in love with her.

Bowie went to visit his mother.. he went to his mother's house after dinner and this old man approached them. Bowie assumed that he was one of his mother's 'clients' (his mother was a prostitute last time) and he beat him up. He also re-stocked all the food cans at home for his mother.

LSK was out eating with her good friend. Suddenly a little boy shot them with a water gun. His mother came to his aid. She called for her husband and Patrick (Maggie's husband) appeared. LSK then finds out Patrick has a mistress.

Eddie met Gigi. It was raining very heavily and flooding, so Eddie offered to carry Gigi on his back to get across the flood. Eddie's girlfriend Casper, saw him carrying her and felt jealous.
Eddie found out that Gigi was being transfered to another lot. He became very sad and brought his girlfriend out for dinner. He got drunk and started yelling that he was suppose to be a rich person, but Lau Dan cheated his father's money. Bowie was in the same restaurant and overheard him.

Also.. LSK did some things to try to help Maggie and Ada solve their problems.

Awww.. poor Ada. Her husband cheated all her money! I really like the Wong Hei-Ada, Moses-Gigi and MosesGigi-Eddie scenes :D I heard the next 5 episodes have quite a lot of business talk. Oh no O.O

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