Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thoughts: Your Class Or Mine

The series is about Bobby (Pang Kam Chau), who sells grey products but his girlfriend cheated him and took everything away because both of them have been dating for a long time and Bobby has still not proposed to her. So he goes bankrupt, but finds another chance by using (tricking) a soccer team coach Benz (Fan Tai Wai). Then Bobby becomes the Operation Director of the team and he promises to help all the team players achieve good results in the coming examinations. But instead of asking them to study, he encourages them to waste their time doing unhealthy activities. So Derek (Ching Kwok Chu) who sponsors the soccer team tries to hire the popular and effective tutor, Sheren (Yim Ka Lai) to teach the team players (+ some other cheerleaders as well i think)

Bobby & Sheren often bicker in the series because they're teaching techniques are different. The academic performance of the team varies a lot but Bobby discovers that Benz's son (Law Chung Him). But Derek takes revenge by asking Sheren to make the soccer team into a mess. Bobby is very angry so he reveals to everyone the secret relationship between Sheren & Derek (lovers). All of a sudden, Sherens splendid tutorial career is coming to an end.

- Information by AOD, and added info/summarization by Carmen.

It's obvious (i'm guessing!) that Bobby & Sheren will be having a love relationship in the series. Like in the themesong (vide0) I saw this part where Bobby was carrying Sheren and turning her around. Btw, the themesong sounded awkward when I first heard it. But after that, it sounded okay and I didn't mind listening to it again. But it's not the best.

Bobby and Sheren were suppose to be casted in The Charm Beneath as the two older siblings, but instead Moses and Gigi got it. Well, not to say I don't like Moses and Gigi (in fact, I LOVE both of them!), but I really wanted to see Bobby and Sheren collaborate for once. Yayyy finally got to see their collaboration, and it was good :]

The 'newcomer' (he's not really a newcomer, he has been in a few movies/shows i think) Law Chung Him (Him Law) is doing quite good in acting. I see a bright future ahead of him, if he's exposed to more series that is. And the rest of them (Bobby, Sheren, Oscar etc) are doing pretty good as well. They're all hilarious! But I think without Bobby, Sheren, Derek, Kenneth and Oscar casted, I think the series would MAYBE do very bad because I don't know anyone else from the series, except for Mimi, Rabee'a, Benjamin and Benz. Anyways, i'm not done with the series so I can't judge the overall series for now. Sorry for the late post too btw!


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