Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Gem of Life trailer/MV

Update (Sept 30)
Ripped and uploaded a clearer version of the themesong, still quite unclear.. but clearer than the audio in the video below (less background talking):

An amazing fan, recorded a trailer (or maybe it's the themevideo, but it's sooo long so I doubt it, maybe it's the themesong MV) from the TGOL promotional event today (28th Sept). It's somewhere in the middle. In the beginning it's just Moses, Linda etc walking in.

Quite a lot of background talking though. Funny how when Queenie Chu comes out from the pool, you can hear people saying 'WAHHHH'. And it's so sweet at the end, where the whole family (Hong family) hugs each other.

*credits to batmanchina
It looks so cool :D! I must watch TGOL!!!! And the themesong by Shirley Kwan sounds really nice :)

Other videos of the event recorded by the same fan:
Clip 1
Clip 2

Interview with the casts:

Also, some pictures from the event (more will be added soon, if i can find them):
MC3's blog
Always Gigi


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