Saturday, September 12, 2009

Episode summaries - You're Hired Ep 3-4

Episode 3
- Charmaine asks Power to become a part-time CEO for the restaurant.
- Power makes efforts to improve the restaurant. But it makes it harder for the workers there.
- Teresa receives a delivery order but she has to deliver it to somewhere dangerous...
- Benz hires Dayo to become a minor consultant.
- Funny scene: Power and Mandy goes to a pub to try to please a manager of a big company (which happens to be Benz). Coincidentally, Benz brings Dayo along. Dayo sees the both of them there.
Dayo: (T0 Power) Wow, you come to such a place for fun? I'm going to tell your wife about it. (To Mandy) You have come too? I'm going to tell your husband about it. (To Power) Oh, both of you have come! I'm going to tell your father about it!
(His acting just makes it so much funnier!)
Benz's company decides to buy Charmaine's dad's restaurant for HK$4 millilon. Power and Mandy quickly agreed.
- Jason was not too happy to hear the news.

Episode 4
- Everyone decided to not sell the restaurant. They also removed Power as the CEO, and replaced him with Teresa.
- They underwent a renovation and the restaurant did better than before.
- Benz's father is rushing Dayo to buy the old buildings so that they can rebuild.
- Dayo wants to buy Chai Kei (the restaurant) and all the other neighbouring restaurants again. They did not want to sell it.
- Dayo's company (Wu Shi Enterprises Group) held a meeting to discuss about the acquisition. All of them (the owner and workers of the restaurants) worked hard in preparing for the meeting. In the end, Benz's dad adjourned the meeting and wanted to think thoroughly before buying the shops.
- Charmaine asks Dayo for help to teach her how to expand Chai Kei's business.
- Dayo teaches Charmaine how to be a 'dirty businessman'.
- The other 2 restaurants have sold their restaurant to Dayo.
- Benz has a crush on Charmaine.

Charmaine looks like her character in The Drive of Life in episode 4..
Love Mandy and Charmaine's clothes in the series! Very modern...


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