Friday, September 11, 2009

Episode summaries - You're Hired Ep 1-2

Episode 1
- Dayo comes back from NY to HK.
- Benz Hui lost his hotel.
- Dayo helps Benz recover the hotel
- Charmaine meets Benz and asks him to help her pay her things through credit card first. Dayo discourages Benz to do so. But in order for Benz to help Charmaine pay, Charmaine has to allow Benz to hug her xD (But Benz was only grasping her shoulders and hips o.O)
- Benz's dad offers Dayo a VIP suite. Dayo was actually a famous business tycoon (In this scene, Dayo plays 'Moonlight Sonata' on piano!).
- Power and Mandy comes back for dinner. When Mandy opened Charmaine's wardrobe, all her bags fell down (Char reminds me of Rebecca Bloomwood)
- Dayo has found Teresa and her family. Teresa sells round cakes. Coincidentally, Charmaine was also there to collect Teresa's debt. Charmaine thought Dayo was Teresa's husband and blames him for treating her badly. Dayo borrows money from Charmaine's company.

Episode 2
- Charmaine finds a house for Dayo through Mandy.
- Dayo finds a job for Teresa at Jason's restaurant.
- Charmaine misunderstood Dayo for Teresa's husband. Teresa then explains that Dayo was actually her real husband's partner. After her husband died, Dayo supported her and gave her a huge sum of money. So she came back to HK. But her mother-in-law got cheated, so she lost all her money.
- Charmaine finds a job for Dayo so that he can pay back the money he owed Charmaine. But Dayo scared the job hunter away.
- Mandy introduces Charmaine to a handsome client. Charmaine then meets someone who has owed her company money (they couldn't locate him at first). So she chases him for money. Mandy's client is afraid of Charmaine and he runs away. In the end, she failed to chase the guy for money. Dayo and Charmaine also had a near-fatal accident and Charmaine's handbag was damaged.
- There have been less customers in Jason's restaurant so they found out that it was caused by another restaurant. Dayo introduced an effective way for the other restaurant to gain customers to get back at Charmaine. But Teresa helps Jason's restaurant to improve.
- Dayo escapes temporarily from paying back his money by asking Charmaine's 'brothers' to trade stocks.


  1. one of the best episode from all of them!! I even have it on a PC!!

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