Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Gem of Life - Summary of Episode 11-15

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LSK and John went out to eat dinner together to avoid the complaints of Maggie and Ada. But after the rantings, they realized that it was all for their own good.

Bowie wanted Josephine to work in his company, so he had to hire Maggie as well.

Bowie suggested to Sung Sai Gei that they use Eddie to challenge Lau Dan.

Ada applied for bankruptcy. She moved back in with her family.

LSK, Ada, Wong Hei and Lee Fung went to visit the Big Buddha in China to help Helen Ma. Thus, Helen invited LSK to attend her art exhibition.

Once they arrived, LSK planned to introduce men to her daughters. While LSK was busy introducing Maggie to someone, Ada and Gigi walked away. They met Helen's godson, Tang Ying Man who was admiring an artpiece. He complained about the artpiece being put at this corner of the exhibition. Ada was attracted to him (because he was rich) and agreed with him. But, Gigi disagreed and voiced out her opinion. Tang admired what she said, making Ada feel left out.

Esther hired Ada to work in her company. The company had to organize Lau Dan's jewellery company's 40th anniversary dinner. Maria and Ada were put in charge.

Eddie became very rich after selling off the jade pendant. He got a makeover and bought a lot of new things with his money.

(A cute sisters scene!) Gigi gave Ada a dress to wear for the dinner. Then Maggie came in and argued with Ada. All 3 sisters end up playing with rubber bands!

(Sweet Wong Hei-Ada scene) Ada asked Wong Hei to dance with her to test the lightings.

Eddie came to interrupt the event and told everyone that Lau Dan cheated his father's money. Coincidentally, John found out that Eddie was the son of his old good friend who once worked with him in the jewellery business.

The booklets for the event were left in the office, Gigi offered to take them. But she was locked in and couldn't go back. After that, Ada received news that her office was on fire. She then remembered that Gigi was still in the office and became frantic with worry. But Gigi already went back home before the office caught fire, so she was safe. Gigi also found out that Ada purposely asked her to go back to the office, so that she can have a chance with Tang. Maggie and Gigi decided to punish Ada by using rubber bands.

Eddie invited the Hong family for a meal. LSK and Maggie both noticed that Eddie had a crush on Gigi. But both of them did not like Eddie.

Eddie and John went out for a drink at a pub. Suddenly, people came and beat up Eddie. John jumped to conclusions and accused Lau Dan for ordering people to beat up Eddie.

Ada broke up with Tang, as he was not suitable for her.

Eddie created a big fuss and he used Bowie's name. But Bowie pretended that he doesn't know him. Kenny gave him a beating and reminded him that their relationship must not be exposed.

Eddie broke up with Casper.

Casper was angry, and wanted to go confront Gigi about this. Luckily Eddie stopped her in time. But Gigi coincidentally met them. They lied to her saying that Casper and Kenny were a pair and they were arguing.

Bowie was put in charge to organize Queenie (Chan Hung Lit's 3rd wife)'s concert, but he was only given 2 months to prepare it. Maggie was frustrated, so Kenny introduced her to boxing.

Eddie met Gigi and brought her to a nice restaurant for dinner. He gave her flowers and a heart-shaped ring. But Gigi was not ready for another relationship so she declined him.

Kenny helped Maggie find a venue for Queenie's concert. Maggie was so happy, she kissed Kenny. She immediately told Bowie, but at the same time, his assistants found out that Moses was having another venue for the concert.

Ngok Wah told Moses to let Chan Hung Lit have the venue. But Moses refused to do so and continued on with the concert by inviting a male singer.

Eddie's character is starting to get on my nerves. He's too impulsive! And I really like watching the sisters' interactions :]


  1. I think what Jessica's family didn't know was that her husband, Patrick, is facing losses in their company.

  2. I heard its lyric in film Gem of Life but i don't know its name. so i check by its lyric :)