Monday, December 15, 2008

Do not copy/hotlink anything!

I just found out that someone has been copying a lot of my things, such as my posts, and did not credit me back. At all. It's pretty obvious you know.
Also, he/she has been hotlinking my things without permission, causing the bandwidth to almost exceed.
I have already stated, in my blog, don't copy or hotlink. If you're reading this, please stop doing so. It hurts.
I'll check back, and if you have not credited me for my posts and have not remove my pictures, I'm forced to do something drastic. Please have some originality..


  1. bad, so bad. it's not right to copy other's things - need to use only yours.

  2. do you meant that I cann't copy this?? ohhh, it's so awful((( sad, really sad((